Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Chamber

I was surprised when I saw a picture of John Grisham for the first time about 3 minutes ago. 
He looks exactly like I would imagine! 
And I'm not going to lie, for an older guy, he's pretty good looking, too!

What do you think? Does he look like you imagined he would, too?

Anyway, I remembered reading one of his books many years ago. The Chamber. Here is my slightly rusty review.

Throughout the book you follow a young lawyer, Adam Hall, who is appealing his grandfathers death row sentence. Adam's grandfather, Sam, is a racist who was responsible for two bombings and as a result, murder. The story progresses kind of slow, but the entire way you learn little bits and pieces of information to help keep you motivated to continue reading. I loved this book, and I will always recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting read. It's not really one of those can't put it down books, but a good read, nonetheless. 

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