Sunday, November 18, 2012

Organizing the Kitchen

As you may know, I joined the 14 week challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I'm moving very slow, but I'm so happy to say that my kitchen is complete. I owe a big thank you to Mr. Red for helping to keep me motivated. I'm so relieved to have a clean and organized kitchen. I love walking in there and I love cooking in there. I love it. 

So, wanna check it out?

Here is a few pictures of my overall kitchen before and after:
(on my behalf, I had been canning for three straight 12-14 hour days away from home, so I neglected the housework, and hadn't gotten the canned goods put away yet! Although I had no where to put them!!)

I got rid of the extra paper towel holder and all of the clutter has a place, now :) I even had room for my birthday present! A new KitchenAid mixer!! Love it!

Don't mind my little photo bomber! I got matching garbage cans, one for, you guessed it, garbage! And one for cans to recycle. I turned my little garbage can, that I was previously using for garbage, into a recycle bin. I'm hoping that will keep me from putting the recycle onto the table.

All of my Wildtree now has a home.

My Crock Pot now has a home in the cupboard above the stove, and my cutting boards are now inside the cupboard with the pots and pans.

I have a basket in my pantry for both chips and bread now, so that is off the counter. I also have a home for all of my drink mixes in the coffee cupboard, and a home for the recipe box inside of a cupboard :)

Here are some before and after pictures of drawers and cupboards.

 My utensil drawer, I used a few drawer organizers I found at Walmart, they were super cheap for packs of 3

My baking cupboard. Got rid of all the expired stuff and put things in order. Yes, I know I have two sea salts... I couldn't find the other one so I had to make a special trip to the store to get another... Now I know where both are!

Here is the liquor cabinet. Got rid of all of the mixes that I hadn't used for.. oh, 3 years...

This is our "junk" cupboard. You can't see it in the photo, but that garbage bag holder was sitting on the inside of the cupboard, not attached to the door (you can buy one here). and everything that was in there is still in there, just neat and tidy!

This used to be Lil' Red's baby food cabinet, now it holds our Wildtree products. 

Here is where I keep my pots and pans. It was pretty organized before, just straightened things up a bit. Also, after I took the picture I decided to get the cutting boards off the counter and they lean up against the side of this cupboard now.

This is the cupboard above my fridge. It now houses some of my extra dishes and appliances that I rarely use. We've always kept our paper plates up there, and now all of our kitchen appliance manuals are in envelopes for easy access.

 This was my favorite cupboard transformation, but I forgot to take a before picture... it is now our "coffee station" and it helped me make more space in our dishes cabinet. 

I can't wait to start baking my Christmas goodies!!

What do you think?

Stay motivated, and happy organizing!


  1. Wow! Great job!! What a cute kitchen! Also... I LOVE your pots!! Where did you get those? They are sooo pretty!! :)

    1. Most of the pots and pans are Cook's Essentials (the color I bought are now discontinued, but they have a ton of other cute colors, here: ). They are the best pots and pans ever. I've had them for years and they've never scratched or had the interior start to peel, the colors are still just as bright as they were when I got them... Perfect pans. The other ones are Paula Dean and I got them at Walmart... I can't say the same about those, I hate them. I've already had to throw a bunch out because of peeling on both the inside and the handle.

  2. oh my gosh!! do you do house stops?? I need my kitchen cleaned out something fierce!!
    Love this!

    1. Took me a very long time, but I'm so proud of it! Going to bake a batch of cookies tonight to finally celebrate! :) Thanks!

  3. Great job! It inspires me to get to work on my kitchen!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that! It was mortifying posting these pictures up on the internet for everyone to see, but that is exactly what motivated me, someone else posting pictures for me to see! I would love to see what you do!! Good luck!

  4. It looks great. Great job. I love my kitchenaid mixer I use it all of the time. I really like your holder for your pan lids.